The breakwater project

What are we doing?

As a family, we’ve been stopping going to school and doing a lot of the measures that other countries have advised. Even younger people, who’ve been told they won’t get seriously ill, are staying home to try to limit the spread. We want to keep older people and people with other illnesses safe, and we want to help medical people have time to get the safety equipment they’ll need. Our dad works in health care, and they are so desperate that the curve is flattened so everyone doesn’t get sick at the same time, forcing them to choose who gets ventilators. We wanted to help, so we set up The Breakwater Project, where people can share messages of encouragement with each other…. It started as youth, but we welcome messages from people of any age, and families. We’re going to put the photos in a video (we wrote a song) that we hope will inspire people as we’re all starting to get tired of staying home.

We thought it would be cool to make a video that is a collage of people under 20, all holding up signs of solidarity and care for older people, vulnerable people, and health care workers. We’re are sixteen photos, now, and we’re hoping to get to forty photos and make the video! If you want to help, Learn about how to help